Whistler Whistlin' Tom's Links Page

Elaine Silver
A voice you'll never forget -- "stunningly clear and fine, magnificent, rich and supple"

Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill's trained Parrot show. Without a doubt the best parrot show in the entire free world.

Mike Cooney

2001 Male Grand Champion of Musical Whistling.

Ronnie Ronalde
The world's most famous whistler

Roger Whittaker
An incredble whistler!

Sean Allen Lomax
Classical Contemporary Whistling Artist

Sunset Celebration
Performing artists (including Whistling Tom)

Basoon Cane http://www.prestiniusa.com
We at http://www.prestiniusa.com provide good quality musical instruments link bassoon cane, bassoon reeds, oboe cane and oboe reeds. We also repair musical instruments such as woodwind and trumpet etc.

David Morris http://www.davidmorris-whistler.com/index.php David Morris is a professional whistling artist. He performs as a soloist with orchestra, concert and brass bands and has won the title of "Grand master, World Whistling Champion" at the International whistling convention in Louisberg N.C. in the USA.

Kate Davis- The director of the Documentary "Pucker Up, The Fine Art of Whistling" Check out Her incredible resume.

Geert Chatrou http://www.chatrou.com/ Geert Chatrou is the 2004 1nternational Grand Master Champion. He lives just outside Amsterdam, Holland. He and his wife, Anki, quite simply, are two of the nicest people I've met in the whistle world. W. T. ---

Peter Bennet
Concert glass harpist and street entertainer Peter Bennett travels the world introducing audiences to the history, lore, and physics of glass music. Peter is also an award-winning pursed-lip whistler and has recently built a hurdy-gurdy to use in street performance when conditions might endanger the glass instrument.

Linda Parker Hamilton
A Canadian Whistler

Chris Ullman
Four-time national and international whistling champion.

Whistling Records
The internet's number one source of information on whistling records. 

Milt Briggs
Milt supports whistling with his own musical arrangements using guitar, piano, and keyboard.

Hylton "The Whistler"Brown 

www.underdognation.com  "Underdog Nation is your launch pad into the worlds most obscure and outlandish competitions."

Noodleman Ron http://www.noodleman.net
Owner of Sunset Celebration's famous Noodle Stand and former candidate for Key West City Commissioner

International Whistlers Convention
Annual whistling contest held in Louisburg, NC

Whistling Tom- The Puckulatory Pirate