Dir/Prod/Ed: Kate Davis, David Heilbroner, DP: Kate Davis, Music: Whistling Tom Bryant
DigiBeta, 79 MIN, 2D04


Just put your lips together and blow. Well, that's easier said than done, as this exploration of the high-stakes world of competitive whistling reveals. Pucker Up follows several competitors as they converge on Louisburg, NC - the "Mecca" for whistlers - for the International Whistling Convention and competition. 

Seasoned veterans and nervous amateurs alike perform for their chance to be named world's best whistler, and the film captures the unique atmosphere of tense competition and convivial camaraderie. Exploring the history and former glory of the pastime, and even the dark underbelly - who knew? -of the whistling world, Pucker Up communicates whistling enthusiasts' hopes of reviving the once popular entertainment now all but absent from the cultural radar. Not since Lauren Bacall offered her simple instructions has the art of whistling been so bracingly watchable and engaging. Featuring astonishing performances and some unforgettable whistlers, Pucker Up offers numerous pleasures, and yet, the challenge to keep your own lips pursed throughout the entire film may trump them all.
-Kristen Grant

Kate Davis's work in documentaries over the last 15 years has earned her an Emmy and over 25 international awards, David Heilbroner has been producing documentaries for 10 years. A former Prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney's office, many of his films have focused on criminal justice issues, such as Life After Death Row, and The Dark Side of Parole, all for Arts & Entertainment Network.