"PUCKER UP: The Fine Art of Whistling"

By turns joyous, wistful, and astonishing, "PUCKER UP: The Fine Art of Whistling" takes us on a
romp through one of the most universal (and now endangered) musical art forms. The 31st Louisburg
International Whistling Competition forms the core of this film as a Washington, D.C. investment
banker, a Dutch social worker, a turkey hauler and others descend on North Carolina to battle for the
whistling world's top prize.

Throughout the film, moments of high comedy modulate into virtuoso performances of Vivaldi,
Mozart and pulsing Texas Swing. While the competition narrows, heading toward a tie-breaking
"whistle-off'. PUCKER UP pays homage to the glories of whistling's past. Clips from Al Jolson,
Harpo Marx and Elvis, to Andy Griffith and Monty Python, reveal how whistling is firmly imprinted
in our cultural memory. And commentary by sound-effects legend, Fred Newman, harkens back to
a simpler era when the World had time to pucker up and blow.

As Louisburg judges crown the World's top whistler, a larger question remains. In an age of hand-
held technology, will whistling become a lost art, or can it still thrill, soothe, fascinate and remind us
of our natural selves?

Emmy Award winning filmmakers, Kate Davis and David Heilbroner, along with whistlers, Steve
Herbst, of New York, Whistlin' Tom Bryant from Key West, Geert Chatrou of the Netherlands and
Orlando's Dick Shaw (President of the International Association of Whistlers) will host a Q & A
session following the screening on Friday, April 15th at 2:00 p.m. at the Regal theater in Winter Park.

Dick Shaw - 407-862- 2903 IAWhistler@aol.com
Tom Bryant - 305-923-3640 WhistlingTom@gmail.com
Kate Davis and Davis Heilbroner Qball@nyc.rr.com