Whistlin' Tom's Personalized Whistle-Grams

Try one of Whistling Tom's Whistle-Grams. Surprise your friends and family with a long distance phone call from Whistling Tom himself. Whistling Tom will whistle birthday songs, holiday songs, songs for all occasions or songs for any reason via a long distance phone call which is included in the price. He will talk about his adventures as a whistler and about the history of whistling itself.

To order a long distance whistle-gram from Whistling Tom call 305-923-3640. For pricing information or any other questions e-mail Tom.


Dear Tom

Thank you SO much for the call on Friday night. My Mum couldn't have been more thrilled - it was the best surprise, and every minute of your call will be a happy memory of her birthday. Just so you know, you were also whistling to Heather (daughter), Neil (partner) and Eliza, Hebe and Elliot (grandchildren - 7, 6 and 10) who whistled all the way home. You were also really generous with your time, for which I am very grateful. If you ever need a testimonial, or if I can be of any help when you're next in London, let me know.

Sincere thanks, and regards
Patrick Baglee,  London  UK

Dear Whistling Tom,

I just wanted to thank you for making our anniversary a really special one.  My husband loves to whistle (even though he can't carry a tune) so I ordered a copy of your CD for his birthday present.  He enjoyed it so much that I knew a whistlegram would be perfect for an  anniversary gift.  When he got the call from you at his office, offering congratulations and whistling "Putting on the Ritz" there was no way he could forget what day it was!  Instead of putting on our grubbies and vegging out after work, we primped up and went out on the town.  Thank you again! 

Mrs. John Vitale
Rockville, MD

Hi, Tom -- the "whistlegram" was a huge success in cheering my sister Linda up on her birthday. I was there when you called and she had you on the speakerphone.  I almost cracked up when she thought it was a prank call -- telling her you were calling on behalf of her secret admirer was brilliant!!  Thanks for not letting the cat out of the bag that it was me who paid for the call.  Anyway, after your phone call she was humming and whistling just like she used to before that bozo dirtbag dumped her.  Your version of the birthday song is great all by itself, and your version of Over The Rainbow (Linda's favorite song) is absolutely awesome.  Thank u, thank u, thank u, for making my baby sis smile again! 

With best regards,
Len Niffenegger

Dear Mr. Whistling Tom:

Thank you for calling my father in Florida yesterday.  I felt so bad that I wasn't able to visit him at Christmas this year, and when the nurses at the Vets home told me how much he enjoyed your shows there, finding out that you make personal greeting calls was a Godsend, for sure.  Dad called me right after you called him, bragging that he'd had a private concert of Christmas Carols from Whistling Tom.  I'm so glad I found your website!   Thanks again for your "WhistleGram" -- and thank you for doing your shows at the Vets home, too.  Dad says you put on a good show, doing songs he and Mom used to dance to.  It's nice that somebody cares enough about our older folks to gear entertainment just for them.

Three cheers for you,
Ana Lynn Lopes
Pescadero, CA


Whistlin' Tom, 305-923-3640, puckulations@aol.com

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